Mijn Buurman en Ik | 2019 - heden

I was born in a small village, surrounded by peaceful landscapes and a sense of calm. But now, living in the busy city, I often miss the open spaces that once embraced me. The crowded urban life can feel suffocating, leaving me yearning for a stronger connection.

In my ongoing project, 'Mijn Buurman en Ik' (My Neighbor and I), I capture the essence of my diverse neighbors in a visually captivating way. And by neighbors, I mean everything from a friendly cat to a lush hedge, a cheerful bird, or even the people who share this city with me. It's like peeking into their lives, observing from a distance.

If you're curious, you can click on the photos to hear and see where I found them! It's a unique way to experience the sights and sounds that make up our vibrant community.

Join me on this visual journey as we explore the intertwined lives within our bustling cityscape. Let's unlock the stories and connections that bring this urban tapestry to life!

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