Hi there! I'm Nielo Schrurs (they/them), and I am a photographer. My camera is always with me because I can't imagine going anywhere without it. One of my favourite things to do is take leisurely walks around my neighbourhood. I often find unexpected treasures during these strolls – little moments that surprise and delight me. Capturing these special moments is like catching a glimpse of something that might disappear forever. I like to think of myself as a bit of a detective, always on the lookout for these unique scenes.


I grew up in a small village where everyone knew each other. But now I live in a bigger city (Breda) where people live close together and their lives are intertwined. The themes of privacy, loneliness, and city life are important to me and often show up in my photography. I'm drawn to projects that focus on what's happening right around me. It's the everyday things – like a playful dog peeking through a balcony or a neighbor struggling with a hedge – that inspire me. Even the smallest moments can be full of beauty and surprise.


In addition to capturing these moments, I'm also passionate about addressing societal issues like LGBTQ+ rights, which personally resonate with me. With my camera, I aim to shed light on these important topics and show the world the beauty of it. Life is full of extraordinary moments, even in the most ordinary places like our own neighborhoods. We just have to take the time to notice and appreciate them.



AKV St.Joost Breda | Photography, Film & the Digital | 2020 (HBO)

AKV St.Joost Den Bosch | Minor Arts&Urbanism | 2019 (MINOR HBO)

SintLucas Boxtel | Mediavormgeving | 2016 (MBO)



This is not a box, Breda University of Applied Sciences | 2023

This is not a box, Gemeente Breda, Bühne, Breda | 2023

This is not a box, BeProud week, Chassé, Breda | 2023

This is not a box, Diversity Academy, Nieuwe Veste, Breda | 2023

Publication of cats, Goedzooi x City of imagineers magazine, Breda | 2022

Kunsthuis, Musschenbroekstraat, Breda | 2022

NowShow, Graduation Launch, AKV| St. Joost, Breda | 2020

360 graden expo | 2020

Unseen Bookmarket, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam | 2019

Weerzien, AKV St. Joost Breda | 2018

Bring your own beamer, Cultuurnacht Breda | 2018



Photographer, Stadsarchief Breda | 2023 - heden

Workshops, St.Joost fotografie/film | 2021 - heden

Assistent set dresser, film ''Vlag'' van Yousef, Top Notch | Noah’s Ark | 2023

Assistent set dresser, series ''ANONIEM'' BNNVARA | 2022

Set photographer + Art director/set dresser, film ''Beter een duif'' Pien Vroonland | 2020

Set photographer, film ''Een stil leven'' Felice Smit | 2020

Set photographer, film ''Een dun plakje marsepein'' Luca Struijk | 2020

Boulding installation, ''Inktzwart'' Iris van der Meule | 2019

Art director, film ''Stofje'' Pien Vroonland | 2018