Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nielo Schrurs (they/them), and I am a photographer. My camera is my constant companion, as I cannot bear to leave my house without it. I derive immense joy from leisurely strolling through the streets of my neighborhood, for it is during these walks that I often stumble upon unexpected treasures. These treasures come in the form of special moments that I could never have imagined on my own; they catch me by surprise. It is the art of capturing that decisive moment, the fleeting instant that exists in the present and will vanish into memory later. As I wander through the streets, I assume the role of a voyeur, perpetually seeking out these extraordinary moments.


My journey began in a small village, where a tight-knit community knew each other's names and stories. However, life led me to a bustling metropolis, where people reside in close quarters, their lives intertwined. Themes such as privacy, loneliness, and urbanization have always played a significant role in my work. I gravitate towards projects that revolve around my immediate surroundings. It is the everyday occurrences that unfold before my eyes that ignite my inspiration. Whether it be a mischievous dog poking its head through the iron bars of a balcony, curiously observing passersby or a neighbor struggling to trim an unruly hedge, these mundane yet captivating scenes fuel my creativity. The beauty, surprises, and even the absurdities of life can be found without venturing far from our own doorstep.


Through my lens, I aim to immortalize these compelling moments, to shed light on the intricacies of urban existence, and to celebrate the inherent charm that surrounds us. Life's extraordinary wonders can be discovered in the ordinary, if only we pause to observe and appreciate the stories that unfold in our own backyards.



AKV St.Joost Breda | Fotografie&Film | 2020 (HBO)

AKV St.Joost Den Bosch | Minor Arts&Urbanism | 2019 (MINOR HBO)

SintLucas Boxtel | Mediavormgeving | 2016 (MBO)



This is not a box, Breda University of Applied Sciences | 2023

This is not a box, Gemeente Breda, Bühne, Breda | 2023

This is not a box, BeProud week, Chassé, Breda | 2023

This is not a box, Diversity Academy, Nieuwe Veste, Breda | 2023

Publication of cats, Goedzooi x City of imagineers magazine, Breda | 2022

Kunsthuis, Musschenbroekstraat, Breda | 2022

NowShow, Graduation Launch, AKV| St. Joost, Breda | 2020

360 graden expo | 2020

Unseen Bookmarket, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam | 2019

Weerzien, AKV St. Joost Breda | 2018

Bring your own beamer, Cultuurnacht Breda | 2018



Photographer, Stadsarchief Breda | 2023 - heden

Workshops, St.Joost fotografie/film | 2021 - heden

Assistent set dresser, film ''Vlag'' van Yousef, Top Notch | Noah’s Ark | 2023

Assistent set dresser, series ''ANONIEM'' BNNVARA | 2022

Set photographer + Art director/set dresser, film ''Beter een duif'' Pien Vroonland | 2020

Set photographer, film ''Een stil leven'' Felice Smit | 2020

Set photographer, film ''Een dun plakje marsepein'' Luca Struijk | 2020

Boulding installation, ''Inktzwart'' Iris van der Meule | 2019

Art director, film ''Stofje'' Pien Vroonland | 2018